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Life Is To Create

Life Is To Create

What you will? Free spaces* and support!

If life is to create and you don’t know where to start you may start anywhere. A comfortable space where you feel in control and at ease with those around you is very important to the creative flow.

Space for you from Str8ght Newswire and DataLive

Just ask and we’ll be right with you, let us know where you are and where you want to go. Are you in your place, do you need some help and why? What do you wish for? We can help!

str8ght news and views love is HUMAN AND FINDS YOU PEOPLE

Finding that which you love!

A love of work and self in place by communicating and interacting with others. What are you interested in locally and internationally? What would you like to see? What do you think of the news and what stories do you think should be investigated?


Add your voice and support at str8ght.com

Claim your username; Participate by joining and claiming your username, comment, write, moderate locally, nationally or internationally.


Claim your page name; *Special rates and assistance for anyone that needs space or help, and low cost for local or national features.


love is people and it finds you human str8ght

Work and life spaces

What would you build if you could!

Drag and drop and easily customized to your style.

What would you share?

The idea is humanity lives forever with yours Datalive str8ght 808

Fully commerce enabled pages!

…for your Private, Commercial or Not -for Profit, enterprise or craft, community group, private group or club or public service agency! Very easy to manage, we can help.

Str8ght News and Views

Your news and enterprising space, build it as you see it!

str8ght news and views HOW TO GET ALONG

We love to help folks communicate their messages and the news!

Communities and communications, we are more complete when we can share your voice with them!

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

DataLive Newswire; Enterprise Data Management (EDM); is: A Strategic Reasoning – auditing and adjusting the ability of an organization to precisely reference, to define, easily integrate and effectively retrieve data for both internal and external, applications and communications. A business objective – focused on the journalizing of accurate, consistent and transparent content, for service of the mission critical, and consumption by aspects of the enterprise matrix.

If Social Silly was a Bear?

If Social Silly was a Bear?

Social Media isn’t social is it?

If Social Silly, was a bear,
and Social Silly wasn’t social,
then Social Silly wasn’t social, silly!

If you are not sure how to get the response you want from Social Media!

Focus on having a conversation, just one and then the next one. You want clicks, oh can you get them and lots will charge you like a bear for it. Clicks are potential I suppose, but conversations always happen before sales. If you have a product everybody wants, chances are they know about it and if they don’t they soon will, and how?


Social Media is not a low entry advertising platform, in fact it is a result of our actions, a melange of devices and signals in collectives, our jobs are to get you in front of the interested ones, in interesting ways.

If Social Silly, was a bear, and Social Silly wasn't social,

Social Selling, it is easy to take the silly out of it and get into conversations, leading to deeper understanding and connection, in all truth and honesty with your core customers. Social Media is a front line of opportunity for you and your missions’ enterprise, for Social Serving your clients existing and impressed new ones, learning from you and being served by you in place.


Get Social and how, in clarity and focus of the data and the clients.

Social Selling and Serving Help Here
Locked Out or Locked In?

Locked Out or Locked In?

To be locked in or out, when you want the other side of the fence. Times are changing and we change with them. Some business sectors are slowing and others are growing, are there things you could be doing, to effect your enterprise, to deliver better value and more highly competitive products? The best things you do, known to you and your group or enterprise, organized and presented best!


Audits Help you realize the difference, planning helps you demonstrate them.

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The Harvest is in The Planting

The Harvest is in The Planting

We Harvest What We’ll Plant!

The Real Fruit We Have Or We May Reach For

The real fruit we’d harvest is in hand, polished in service! The low hanging fruit is good, we can see and manage the whole tree. Are there other selections we may add depending on changes to market and supply tempered in customer perception and adoption?

What changes to your company or industry would you overcome?

Many factors effecting capital and financing, the project metrics, and existing supply lines, services and professional overages on salary caps and budgets? Knowing by audit can add clarity and focus to management and direction. We can help your focus with fresh eyes and options to help you start or get going again.

Let us know what you are planning and what help you need!

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What is in a day? BE:ACT

What is in a day? BE:ACT

I was, I was to come, I am, I am to be!

Be all you may be!

Found in action today. Don’t worry about time, worry about information in datum to help you on the way, and options to make your choices. Tomorrow always comes and with it the day and life we want in our preparations of it! We learned from yesterday, live today and planned for our tomorrows.


Rest easy, rest assured, but do act on your dreams, for you will only find the magic to be and to act when you are in motion! Move with the day and rear all your tomorrows in it!


To understand the distance from your place and to recenter in it!

Find a quiet space, uninterrupted quiet and peace of mind in this purpose.
Speak the following quietly each at a time within the context of the whole and in reflection, pause for a time between each and answer clearly to the truth specifically!

1. Who am I, what am I, where am I;
2. Why have I lived, loved and made a difference;
3. How have I lived, loved and made a difference;
4. Where have I lived loved and made a difference;
5. Whom have I lived , love and made a difference to;
6. When did I live, love and make a difference;
7. What have I lived, loved and made a difference to;
8. I Completely forgive myself, for any mistakes known to me or not, I accept I am beautiful, perfectly imperfect and precious, unique and whole.

I am standing in my place in life, and in love and making a difference! Do you feel out of place, and why?

Speak the following, look your self in the eye, without adornment!

“I forgive myself completely, for all and any, perceived, actual, or imagined mistakes that I may make on my journey and path through life. That I am beautifully, and imperfectly, perfect, ready to stand in my place!”

( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

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Asking and Theoretical Knowledge!

Asking and Theoretical Knowledge!

We have to ask for theories and help of ourselves and others to solve a problem. We are amazingly apt at accepting a solution because it never seems that perfection is either possible or practicable!

Roads are like theories to have only one

It is important however, that we have either no theory or several, to have one theory is to pretend to know! Theory or no theory, we can do a great many things gathering the data to begin to form a theory. It is most useful to know what we can do, and together. Now you begin to answer the questions as you state them to others in collaboration.

We can help!